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Secure Systems

Security in PPP is managed at a number of levels. The infrastructure is hosted in data centres that are protected against environmental and technical security breaches. Data is backed-up daily and the source files are also archived as they are processed so that they can be re-applied if necessary to build the database. An option of high availability can be specified for the database to maintain access in case of any issue. All documents stored using the software are encrypted before being stored and then decrypted "on the fly" when delivered to users. Access to the data is available through a programmers "API" service. This utilises a number of unique keys that must be provided in sequence to request data for a specific device to prevent brute force attacks. The unique keys can be refreshed on-demand and automatically at user-login.
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Supplying solutions and services to organisations to provide their energy data management storage, resolve existing data issues and potential challenges with managing energy data, water data management and environmental data


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